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My travel essentials

Feb 18, 2017 | Beauty, Home, Life |

I travel. Not as much as the average jet setter, but about every six weeks or so, I’m packing my carry on for another work trip. Over the past three years, I’ve gotten pretty good at learning what stays and what goes. So, I thought it would be fun to share a blog post on my absolute necessities when I fly. Things I double and triple check I haven’t forgotten before I head to the airport.

Here’s everything! My Travel “Bible,” if you will.

  1. My cell phone. Because, duh. But almost as important as my phone itself is my portable charger from Ventev. I don’t know what it is about travel and airports, but I’ll be sitting there sometimes, just watching my battery go from 90% to 35% in a matter of 20 minutes. I mean, why? I’m not even using it! A phone at less than 40% battery sends me into a spiral of anxiety and self-loathing, especially because it’s my connection to my kids and my navigation when I land. My battery can.not.die. This Ventiv portable charger has been a lifesaver! I plug it in at home the night before I leave and stick it in my travel bag in the morning. When my phone needs a little CPR, I just plug it in and turn it on, and it’ll charge my phone so quickly. And then all is right with the world again.
  2. Can we talk about the dehydration that occurs when traveling? It sucks the life and all the moisture out of me. My three beauty products that I have to have are my Almay Lip Care, Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer and my Glam Glo Dream Duo. I always have some heavy duty eye drops or artificial tears in my bag, too. The Almay Lip Care has been my obsession for a year now because it’s not only more moisturizing than Chapstick, it actually goes on like a nude gloss. The Laura Mercier moisturizer is legit. Full coverage, moisturizing, and it takes the place of nearly my entire makeup bag. When I travel, I rarely feel the urge or need to put on a full face, so a little of this moisturizer with some concealer is really all I need. The Glam Glo Dream Duo. You guys—-if I was anything to this product, it’s the creepy stalker ex-girlfriend who just won’t leave. I’m so in love with this product. I battle dry skin on a regular basis, but it kicks up a notch while traveling. This stuff is GOLD. Gold. It’s a two part cream you put on at night (a serum then a moisturizer). I’m a hard sell, but after my first night of using this stuff, I woke up and felt like a new woman. Sounds dramatic, but it’s true. My face was glowing. And soft. And moisturized. The Dream Duo doesn’t feel sticky or heavy, and it smells like a creamsicle. I know it’s more on the expensive side, but it’s worth every penny. Trust me on this. And eye drops speak for themselves. I wear contacts, and dry airplane air does me no good. I’m constantly pouring that ish in my eyeballs.
  3. Peppermint essential oil. You can refer back to my post on essential oils for the long, drawn out uses for peppermint oil. The reason I make sure to always have it for travel is that it’s a kick ass weapon for three things I always seem to battle while traveling. Upset stomach, headaches, and fatigue. I apply a drop of peppermint oil to my tongue during takeoff to avoid the queasiness I can sometimes get. For headaches I apply a drop to my temples and the back of my neck, and for general fatigue, just a few sniffs of the oil works miracles when you need a mental or physical boost. Feel free to read more about the benefits of peppermint oil here.
  4. Stila liquid lipstick in “caramello”. I’m not a bold lip kinda girl. I need something light that doesn’t look crazy without a full face of makeup. This color is it. It stays on all day, isn’t drying, and it’s the perfect nude/pink shade. I never leave home without it.
  5. Ambre Essence. Holy shit you guys. You think you know what heaven smells like, but not until you’ve tried this magical little concoction. Ambre Blends is an independent, woman owned business here in Indy! This fact alone makes me love it, but the scent. Ohhhhh the scent. It’s super subtle, not at all offensive to those sensitive to smells (we all know how there’s always one on an airplane), and it’s small enough that TSA won’t confiscate it in security! It lasts forever, both the scent and the tube. When I was still working as a nurse, I’d apply my Ambre in the morning before a 12 hour shift, and at the end of the night, I’d still be receiving compliments on how I smelled. You guys—-12 hours of nursing care—-and I still smelled good. It’s trippy.
  6. Cash and debit card. This may seem obvious, but I felt like I had to say this…don’t forget to hit up an ATM before heading to the airport. My biggest fear is losing my debit card when going through security (or straight getting robbed) and having ZERO money as a backup. Have cash, always. On you, not in your purse. Traveling requires lots of Plan B’s! Especially when traveling without a buddy.
  7. My little lifesaver, Zycam. I used to always get sick after a flight. Not just the sniffles, but sick sick. My friends and family members can attest to the death bed I’ve been on after travel. It wasn’t just annoying, it was super debilitating. I couldn’t take care of the kids, I couldn’t work, it was just a disaster. After a really bad illness in January of 2015, I started using Zycam on every trip. I’d take one tablet about every four hours, starting with the night before I left for the airport. Since then, I’ve yet to be sick again after flying. Seriously.
  8. My Thieves lozenges from Young Living. These, along with Zycam, are how I have become a fully functional member of the travel community. I currently have 18 (yes, I counted for you) bags of these stashed all over my home, car and bags. I refuse to ever be without them. If I feel even a hint of a sore throat, I start popping these lozenges like a crazy person. They boost my immunity and have antimicrobial effects, which is super helpful when I’m sitting squished next to Mr. Coughsalot as we travel the friendly skies.

Aaaand that’s it!

Obviously, there are many other things I pack in my bag when traveling, but these are my most important. What are your go-to’s for travel? I’d love to hear! xo



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